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Reviews from customers

Alexandrina Yanev / Tenant Relations Managerа Plovdiv Plaza Mall

During our several years of joint activity, the Plovdiv Plaza team can unanimously conclude that working with you is extremely correct, fruitful and always with attention to detail and the needs of the client.


We are grateful that, regardless of the short deadlines and high demands, you have always stood with a high level of organization behind the campaigns and diverse projects. Thanks to this affordable and quick implementation, our ideas gain strong popularity in the direction of better familiarization of the client with the offered promotions, activities and events.


As far as general sound support goes, I can definitely say that the song selection contributes to an overall more welcoming atmosphere, mood and feel-good vibe.

The Sopharma Business Towers team Sopharma Business Towers

As long-time partners, we can only express pleasure and satisfaction from working with Studio Impress.

Over the years, we have made sure of the professionalism, quality and speed with which they work, complemented by correctness, individual approach and attention to details.

Thank you!

Diana Ganeva / Marketing Manager - "Joy Fashion" EOOD

We at “Joy Fashion” EOOD have been working with “Studio Impress” for over 7 years now, we are extremely satisfied with all the implemented projects – recordings of radio spots, dubbing and subtitles, production of videos according to our project and others.

The team is very organized, works professionally and extremely quickly. It meets all our expectations, even for projects with extremely short deadlines. Communication with Stilian Vladimirov, the owner of the company, is extremely easy and even friendly. Thanks to the adequate support of Studio Impress, our monthly radio campaigns are always fresh, different and prepared on time.

I wish the company successful development and reaching new heights in business.

With respect,

Diana Ganeva

Marieta Nedyalkova Brand New Ideas

STUDIO IMPRESS, on the 6-tobal system, you deserve a 7.

You always meet our expectations. Thank you that we can count on your professionalism, speed, and assistance in any situation!

It’s a pleasure working with you!

Marieta Nedyalkova

Rayna Milanova / Marketing and Administration Associate

Burgas Plaza

We have been working together with Studio Impress for more than 4 years. They are always positive towards each of our new projects and approach with a great deal of professionalism. They quickly and adequately fulfill the orders placed by us. Working with them is a pleasure!

Rayna Milanova

Hristomir Kutsarov Action Aquapark - Sunny Beach

We are extremely pleased with the cooperation with Studio Impress! We have used your services for the 5th season in a row and certainly the dedication of your entire team has not gone unnoticed. True professionals, always open to help with the implementation of any of our ideas or initiatives, and in addition, you always provide a quick and timely response to any inquiry, which is extremely important for us, given the dynamics of our work. We have certainly never been unsatisfied or disappointed in our dealings with you and we wish you to continue to strive towards success by providing excellent service.

Hristomir Kutsarov


Andon Neshev Retail sales manager InHouse chain of stores

We express our gratitude for the competence, professionalism and responsiveness that the team of “Studio Impress” shows in our joint work. The radio spots you create are extremely professional and with a clear focus. Our local radio support is top notch and communication with your team is fast, easy and productive. We at In House have excellent impressions of the work of “Studio Impress” and recommend your future partners to rely on your competence and correct service.

Andon Neshev

Retail Sales Manager

Svetoslav Velkov / Traventuria Tour Operator Manager

We have been working with Studio Impress since December 2021, but I am very impressed with the efficiency of their team. Correspondence is fast and adequate. There is no delay in the turnaround times of entries. I really appreciate the fact that they have their own signature in making every product, pay attention to every detail and always give excellent suggestions for improvement. The movies and audio recordings they create are loved by our customers and end users.


I unreservedly recommend Studio Impress as extremely correct professionals.

Svetoslav Velkov

Traventuria Tour Operator Manager

Radio 999

We have the pleasure of working in partnership with Studio Impress for many years, during which together we managed to realize and promote radio and TV production on a regional and national scale.

Thank you for the professionalism, patience and flexibility with which you approach our every inquiry and requirement.

Thanks to you, we were able to create a modern and fresh sound for our listeners, to correctly fulfill every desire of our advertisers and to meet the high demands of the audience in our competitive and dynamic business.

After so many years of working together, we can say that in you we have found reliable partners in the implementation of our projects and true friends in difficult times.

And the success of our friends is also our success!

That’s why we wish you a lot more creative energy, enthusiasm for work and satisfied customers!

Radio 999

Deya Nikolova Marketing Kidsfashion.bg

Our joint work with Studio Impress was an extreme pleasure for the Kidsfashion.bg team, due to the fact that they responded so quickly to our needs and with high professionalism. We will certainly work with them on our next projects and assignments without a second thought!

Deya Nikolova



Stanimir Petkov BadRock Radio

Studio Impress are exceptional professionals, full of energy and inspiration. We received a product that exceeded our expectations. We are happy to recommend Studio Impress.

Stanimir Petkov

BadRock Radio

Bilyana Pancheva Editor-in-Chief Agri.BG

It is with great pleasure that I work with Studio Impress. Fast when necessary, always correct, and the quality is at the highest level. It is extremely important to me that there are professionals I can rely on in our joint projects.

Thanks to Stiliyan Vladimirov and his team!

Gergana Angelova Marketing Expert IUTECREDIT BULGARIA

Fast, accurate, and correct!

They always manage to meet our wishes, even if they are due “for yesterday”. It is a pleasure to work with and rely on such partners.

Gergana Angelova

Marketing Expert