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Licensed music

Studio Impress will create specialized radio channels for your business. We offer the construction and maintenance of electronic media – LOCAL BUSINESS RADIO, entirely subordinated to your requirements and needs. STUDIO IMPRESS develops its activity in audio production and radio programming for broadcast radio stations, shopping centers, and chain stores.

The purpose of radio is to welcome your customers in a relaxed manner, to set them in the mood and make them feel better, and predispose them to purchase by informing them of your current promotions and activities, completely eliminating your competition’s advertising.

The public performance of music in commercial establishments, hotels, restaurants, shops, gyms, beauty salons, and other business establishments constitutes broadcasting musical works, for which a copyright settlement agreement is required.

We will assist you in the settlement of copyright and related rights with the institutions responsible for this in the Republic of Bulgaria.

We offer specialized radio channels for:

Shopping centers/malls

Amusement parks

Supermarkets and shops

Hotels and Restaurants

Spa Centers

  • Fully customized and controlled environment of music and advertisements – not allowing the broadcasting of information or advertisements of the competition;

  • Directing customers to a specific product, promotion or service;

  • Ability to influence the user at the right time, minutes before he makes a decision;

  • Possibility of additional funds for the site from the broadcast of commercial advertising of your partners;

  • The broadcast of specially selected music, according to the time zone of the day and the calendar – more active and more passive hours and also summer, Christmas music, etc.;

  • Pleasant atmosphere in the facility.


is fully committed to:-

24/7 hours

Technical Support;

Media programming

Music format, playlists, commercials, jingles;

Recording and production

On commercials;

Preparation and loading

On daily playlists;


For music broadcasts and commercials;


For the convenience of the client, STUDIO IMPRESS offers a technological solution without the need for human intervention on site, investments in equipment and a permanent connection to the Internet:

Server and online platform

To manage music and ads

IP decoder and internet link

For receiving the signal with online and offline mode of operation;

No stops

The radio will have no stops and interruptions!

Business Radio Hits

Business radio atmosphere